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Wake-Up The Church!


Lions and Tiger and Bears Oh my!

Remember Dorothy as she made her way down the yellow brick road to the land of Oz? She took each step and said these words “lions and tiger and bears, oh my”. These were things that were stopping her from reaching her destination. What are the things that will stop you from reaching your destination that God has planned for you?  We could say “fear and intimidation and lack, oh my”! Whatever is blocking the way, we can command it to get out of our way in Jesus’ name!

In the last days that bible speaks about False Christ’s and false prophets will arise.  There purpose is to perform signs and wonders to deceive and lead astray. These false things can take our focus of the kingdom and draw us to a manifestation. Unfortunately this has been an all too common trend among the churches today. Many are jumping on this band wagon of contemplative spirituality, or better known as new age practices, performing false signs and wonders and leading many of the unsuspecting astray. People are promised a more intimate relationship with Jesus and they end up being seduced by a lying deceiving spirit. They get thrown in a pit deception and sooner or later a poisonous snake bites them. Now they have been injected with the poison of deception and a slow spiritual death starts to set in.

Jesus didn't come to WOW the crowds. He didn't use hype or sensationalism to draw the people to him. Just because everyone jumps on a bandwagon, you better know where that bandwagon is headed. You may end up in a pit of deception with others. Unfortunately this is more common than you think. We need a healthy dose of discernment in the Body of Christ. If that doesn't work perhaps a Holy Ghost bat up the side of the head to knock some sense into us. All kidding aside, we must read our bibles, study and pray so that we know the word and will not be fooled. My people are destroyed due to lack of knowledge. Don't think that the enemy won't take advantage of an ignorant Christian. He is like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour! Ignorance is not bliss!

The Holy presence of God can come in through anointed worship. However, if the next person to speak or minister does not yield to it, it can be squelched in an instant. You'll know because it will feel like the very air is sucked out of the room. One minute you will be enveloped by God's presence and the next minute you can feel the very change in the atmosphere. The truth is God's spirit will not compete with man's flesh. As the saying goes, the oil flows from the head to the body. Learning to flow with and in the anointing means not manipulating or putting your agenda above what God wants to do. It may take hours of worship before the Holy Spirit begins to move. Who are we to tell God that he is on our time clock? If we pay attention to the time or what others may think then it's all about us and not about God.

We talk about greater moves of God and how we long for him to come and be with us. The bible clearly says, draw close to me and I'll draw close to you. There is a lost & dying world outside of the 4 walls that are calling us hypocrites. Why, because we don't practice what we preach. We bring in the lost & then criticize them for how they dress, speak and act. How soon we forget that none of us were perfect when we first came to Christ. We sit them in the back because they might disrupt things or God forbid if anyone should see them. We immediately send a message to them that "You're not welcome here" and we wonder why they don't come back? We say we want to reach the lost, yet we leave the four walls of the church and we act just like the world. There is no fear of God, no holy living and grace is used as the big cover up. They can't tell the church from the world, or the world from the church. There is such a mixture that we all look like little robots all marching to the tune of "I'll have it my way". That's NOT God's plan for the church.

As we are in the last days God is preparing his bride, the Body of Christ for his soon coming. He is getting us ready for the marriage supper of the lamb. The bible says that he is coming back for a spotless, wrinkle-free church. So he starts with our hearts and begins to do a work on the inside of us. We can surrender to his will and allow the work to be done, or we can choose to be stubborn, self willed and once again..singing "I'll have it my way".

He works on us and develops our character and integrity. No amount of bible school or training programs can compare to the work that the Holy Spirit performs on the inside of us. He basically cleans us up from the inside out. Many times we've been in Egypt (worldly ways) so long that we have to have a complete overhaul. What starts as an inward working, becomes an outward working which will bear fruit in due season. If we are not moving forward then we are stagnant or sliding backwards or backsliding!

When the Lord does a work in us there will be no compromise, our faces will be set like flint and the enemy will be shaking in his boots when he sees us coming. That is what the Lord's army will look like. We've have gotten away from the simplicity of the gospel. The gospel is good news and many are still waiting to hear, but unless we open our mouths and talk to people they aren't going to know.

I think that many in the church world have not realized that we are called. Many are called but few are chosen. Yes, and we won't be chosen if we will not submit to the working that God has to do to prepare us to stand in the position he has for us. The bible says go into all the world and preach the gospel. That's you, that's me. When Jesus comes and touches you and changes you, it will be just like the prophet said "like a fire shut up in my bones". You won't be able to contain the living waters that will flow out of you. The more you understand how Jesus will use you out there, the more exciting and adventuresome your life will become. Working for the kingdom of God is never boring. You will be touching and changing lives for eternity.

I've heard people say..all you talk about is souls, eternity and the harvest! My response is Jesus is coming very soon and I must be about the Father's business. Why should I deny someone the opportunity when I have Jesus living on the inside of me. Because Jesus is REAL to me, Jesus can become real through me.

We can build the bigger buildings, adopt more seeker friendly programs and plan more pizza parties or treasure hunts. My question to you is for what purpose is all this? Many would argue that this is the way that we can draw them in. I got news for you, they aren't looking for more of the worldly things, because they can have that in the world. They are looking for the healing power of Jesus, the saving power of Jesus. Why not give them what the world can't. What you draw them in with, is what you'll have to continue to use to keep them. Before you know it the church down the road invests in a better coffee bar and a more spectacular sound system. Now what your new convert has learned is that its all about the stuff, because that is the message that has been conveyed to them.

Hear me, there is nothing wrong with coffee bars, treasure hunts, bigger buildings, but if we lose the focus of keeping the main thing the main thing then we will lose the opportunity to lead someone to Christ. Many times I have stood w/a cup of coffee in my hands and witnessed to someone. Many times I've been in a grocery store and found a distraught mother and stopped to talk to find out that she didn't have Jesus in her life. Lets clear up one thing right now, this is not about me, or what I am doing, this is about what Jesus will do through any believer that submits & surrenders their will to His.

What counts for eternity? For what is a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul? Are we going after the lost, or are we just giving a nice lip service to Jesus? Going after the lost will take getting out of our comfort zones and recognizing that we are commissioned to GO. Why use the things of the world when the awesome presence of God can't be manufactured or reproduced. Why not let others experience something that the world can't give them, salvation, healing and deliverance!

The world is being covered in darkness and confusion. We have a government that is spending our money quicker than we can make it. They are calling all the shots and the world is feeling helpless and abused! Guess what..the church is to blame! Yes, if we want to point the finger at someone point it at the Body of Christ. We have the power & authority through Jesus Christ to change this world and make it a better place to live. How do we do that, by saving one soul at a time! It is only when a person has Jesus living on the inside of them, that they will understand their assurance of eternity and where they will spend it.

Here is the bottom line folks..unless we have a move of God in America, unless the church rises to her feet and starts wielding her mighty sword and goes after souls, America is headed into the beginning stages of the one world government. We've got one last opportunity to turn this world upside down for Jesus. Let's give the devil a run for his money, let's run him and all his co-horts out of town, and kick his butt from here to kingdom come. Time is running out and if we don't move quickly many will be left behind.

Prayer: Father, wake up your churches and wake up your people. Lord that we would not judge people by their outside appearance, but see their heart. Father, that we would open our doors, open our heart's and welcome those in. Wake up all that will hear your great cry for revival to come to our cities. Father, we have an enemy out there that wants to steal, kill and destroy us.

Father we need your manifest presence in our schools, on our campuses and out in the market places. Give us your heart for the lost; give us a holy boldness to preach the gospel wherever we go. We speak to the spirit of fear and intimidation and we break it off of us right now! Father, fill us with your Holy Spirit till we are overflowing. Let our rivers of living water flow out of us and touch those that don't know you. Let us be unified for the purpose of the end time harvest. Let the denominational walls come down. We need to reach a lost and dying world and we can't do it with just one or two. Mass mobilize the entire Body Of Christ and let them see that this is your heart's desire.

If we stand together as a mighty army and agree that Jesus saves, Jesus delivers and Jesus came to set the captives free, we can do what you have called us to do. Your heart Lord is for the lost, break ours so that we will see the world through your eyes. Oh Lord, help all those to see that the time is running out and many are still waiting to hear the good news. Use us in our circle of influence, give us a boldness to go where you want us to go, do what you want us to do and say what you want us to say. Father, we were born for such a time as this, that you may use us as a vessel, set apart to carry your message wherever we go. In Jesus name Amen.