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How Precious and Costly is His Harvest!


Going After His Heart!

Philippians 3:8 Yes, furthermore, I count everything as loss compared to the possession of the priceless privilege (the overwhelming preciousness, the surpassing worth, and supreme advantage) of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord and of progressively becoming more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him [of perceiving and recognizing and understanding Him more fully and clearly]. For His sake I have lost everything and consider it all to be mere rubbish (refuse, dregs), in order that I may win (gain) Christ (the Anointed One),

Mark 14:3 And while He was in Bethany, [a guest] in the house of Simon the leper, as He was reclining [at table], a woman came with an alabaster jar of ointment ( perfume) of pure nard, very costly and precious; and she broke the jar and poured [the perfume] over His head.

Reflection: What is costly and precious to you? When Jesus spoke about the woman with the Alabaster jar he said that the perfume that she lavished on him was very costly and precious! How costly and precious was it for God to send his only son Jesus to die on the cross for us? When you serve the Lord it will be costly and precious! Your character & your integrity will be put to the test! You might be tempted to follow a popular crowd. You might want to be associated with a popular name. However, will you compromise your character & integrity in order to satisfy your own flesh or to win the approval of others? Ask yourself the reason why you want to be involved and then you will have your answer! A heart with the wrong motive will never move the hand of God!

When Paul described what is was like to know Jesus Christ, he said I count everything a loss! He said for His sake I have lost everything & consider it all to be rubbish! Why? In order that I may win (gain) Christ! Paul was NOT a silent witness & neither should we be! How is it that we think that they will hear the good news unless we tell them? We are given the POWER to be a witness! Lets stop playing these religious little games & become bold, radical, on FIRE followers of Jesus Christ!  If you were in a court room and you are called to be a witness you are called to SPEAK! Preach means speak and unless they hear the word of God the Holy Spirit cannot go to work on their hearts and draw them in! When the bible says GO into all the world & preach the gospel that is exactly what we are to do! So who does it say to go? You and me and anyone who calls themselves a follower of Jesus Christ! Its time to draw the line in the sand and decide who you will serve this day..God or man?

Christianity is not about what we believe, but it is about who we are & how we live our daily lives infront of others! Its not about what you do inside the four walls its about what you do when you leave the four walls. The world is ONLY going to want what Christians have when they see that we have the love & demonstrating power of Jesus Christ flowing out of us. We seem to want to entice the world with more worldly things! Why not show the world that demonstrating power of Jesus Christ?

You want to know why Christians are called hypocrites? Its because when we leave the four walls we act no differently than the world. We show up for church with our masks on! We sing Hallelujah, run, jump, shout and carry our bibles. However, when we leave the four walls we forget who we are in Christ! Yup, been there done that! I bought the t-shirt many times and then figured it out! I asked God to burn out every bit of religion & tradition out of me! Why? Because its religion (man's way of reaching Godj) & tradition (rituals without God's purpose) produces no fruit! It will keep you tied up on bondage & keep you in your comfort zone!

It wears many hats! Any denomination can become entrenched in it no matter how "spiritual" things seem! Check their fruit! Test every spirit and see if its of God? Are people getting saved, delivered and set free? Or is it just another emotional meeting? Is soul winning a Saturday morning program that happens once a month?  Were three or four people show up & hand out tracts & never give them the good news? Its all smoke & mirrors folks! Many of us have drank the kool-aid of modern day religion, non offensive, not intrusive, coexist..bunch of religious rubbish that makes you luke warm & ineffective! Soul winning is NOT a program its a passion and desire that burns 24/7 in your heart to seek & save the lost! Yup, you become a walking, talking billboard for Jesus! You demonstarte his power and love to others. You look for opportunities to share the good news with others!

A righteous anger rose in me when I discovered the bill of goods that the devil had sold to me. I got on my face and cried out to God, got on Fire, returned to my first love and went after the harvest! It wasn't until I stepped out of my comfort zone to win the lost that God begin to show me how to use my gifts and talents! He wanted them used for the kingdom of heaven. You see if you don't put the kingdom of heaven first, you won't understand what to do with your gifts and talents. I begin to see fruit in my life! My writing turned into a book "God's Heart Your Destiny"! God opened up doors to teach & instruct others in his word and how to use the "gospel Script" to bring in the harvest! God gave me platforms and favor wherever he sent me! But this isn't about me, its about what God wants to do through every willing & obedient follower of Jesus Christ! He is no respecter of persons! He will use whomever is willing and obedient to go after the harvest!

Its time to smack that "religious spirit" that produces no fruit up the side of the head with the power of the Holy Ghost! Lets start allowing the Holy Ghost to flow in us and through us! How much longer will we sit complacent, luke warm and inside our religious little circles, producing no fruit?? There is a whole world out there waiting to hear the good news! God wants to use YOU to get the message to others. You can't rely on someone elses fire! They each had their own individual flames in the upper room that day! Its about your personal one on one relationship with Jesus Christ! How on fire are you for HIM! Are you willing to understand what is precious and costly to him in this critical hour? The harvest is Precious and Costly! The price was already paid for it, now its time to go after God's heart & reap the harvest! Its time to get OFF the pews and PREACH the GOOD NEWS!

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