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KAJN Radio Interview

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He Hears Your Cry!


Calling out to Him for Hope!

Psalm 33:21-23 For in Him does our heart rejoice, because we have trusted (relied on and been confident) in His holy name. 22Let Your mercy and loving-kindness, O Lord, be upon us, in proportion to our waiting and hoping for You.

Psalm 38:15-16 For in You, O Lord, do I hope; You will answer, O Lord my God. 16For I pray, Let them not rejoice over me, who when my foot slips boast against me.

Reflection: Did you know that our heart rejoices when we trust, rely on & put our confidence in the name of the Lord?Are you waiting for an answer to a situation that perhaps you have been praying about? The word of God says that when we pray and even if our foot slips that he will not allow the enemy to boast against us.In order to receive a harvest, we must plant a seed, and then we must water the seed & see that it has sun light & is taken care of properly. When we plant a seed for hope, we use God’s word & speak forth the promise.Then no matter what the enemy brings our way, we keep proclaiming the word and whatever his word says to do and soon we will see a harvest come from our planting!