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God’s Abundant Provision!


The Earthly Blessing!

2 Corinthians 9:8

 And God is able to make all grace (every favor and earthly blessing) come to you in abundance, so that you may always and under all circumstances and whatever the need be self-sufficient [possessing enough to require no aid or support and furnished in abundance for every good work and charitable donation].

Deuteronomy 8:3

And He humbled you and allowed you to hunger and fed you with manna, which you did not know nor did your fathers know, that He might make you recognize and personally know that man does not live by bread only, but man lives by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of the Lord.

Reflection: I often think about the Israelite’s as they were making their journey through the desert to the promise land. Yes, many when they read their story, remember that it was a short journey but it took them 40 years! Have you ever thought about the fact that they had no plan “B” except to go back to Egypt! Have you ever considered that they only knew the slavery of Egypt, so the idea of trekking through a desert might be a bit scary to them! Have you ever considered that because Egypt was all they had ever known, and the thought of leaving the only place they had ever known must have taken courage?

Egypt today is a form of the world’s system! We are all born into it, and we fail to recognize that this is not God’s plan for us. Like the Israelites, if we want to be truly free of the world’s system, than we must learn to trust God for our provision! The World’s system is designed to keep us in bondage, regardless of how secure we feel the world’s system will eventually fail us all!  

How many times do we look at our situations & try to figure out how is God going to get us through this? How is God going to make a way when there seems to be no way? Like the Israelite’s, we are going to have to trust the Lord. If we have what we need today, can we trust the Lord to know that he will bring what we need the following day & the all the days that we spend here on earth?

The circumstances of the world today can be overwhelming to us. We can’t put our trust in man or our security in our money or the resources that provide our paycheck! God wants us to be totally dependent upon Him. When we follow His word & are not just hearers but doers, we will see His blessings come! Because as the earth shakes & the birth pangs begins there will be tribulation. If we don’t keep our focus on the Lord, than we will have our eyes on the circumstances & become overwhelmed & consumed by fear! We just have to submit our will to the Lord & trust Him that He will find a way where there seems to be no way. It is in the most difficult circumstances that we face that the Lord’s desire is for us to grow closer to Him & surrender ourselves to him, knowing that He will come through for us!